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Sunday Night Game Thread #2: Phillies @ Dodgers

Reminder: This is tonight.  Game thread should be open by 7pm EDT.

Last week's game thread garnered over 150 comments, pretty good for a first effort.  There seems to be enough of a push that we're going to try it again this Sunday, as the Phillies travel to Los Angeles to play the Dodgers.

Reader vivaelpujols pointed out that our game threads are a lot different from other sites because there aren't many people rooting hard for one team over another.  I kind of like that as a change of pace, and it makes for a nice weekly forum to discuss anything related to baseball, inspired by watching a game available to everyone with cable.

This isn't the actual game thread for Sunday -- that will be launched 30 minutes to an hour before the 8pm EDT start time.  Consider this post your advanced warning.