Luke Hochevar : Joakim Soria's Future Setup Man?


Jeff guest stars at Driveline Mechanics (guess I need to keep better tabs on him) with a piece looking at Luke Hochevar's skills and whether they would make him a good bullpen candidate. Hint: yes. "Luke Hochevar is considerably better in the first 2 innings compared to the next 5 for the first 1.5 years of his career. He quickly loses speed on all his pitches and doesn't throw that fastball as much. Luke was decent in the minors as a starter, but I believe that he can not cut it as a major league starter. The Royals will probably try to use Luke as a starter for a little longer, but his place is in the pen setting up Joakim Soria unless he finds a way to have some stamina to pitch into and past the 3rd inning." It shouldn't surprise you that a bunch of interesting graphs are included in the full article.