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Graph of the Day: Sinker Run Values

I like sinkers, but who doesn't? Besides hitters, that is.

I've classified a lot of pitches this year, but far from all of them. Of the pitchers I've covered at some point, I have nearly 30 pitchers with 70 or more sinkers tagged. Here's how they rank, by rv100 (run value above average per 100 pitches), with negative numbers being better for pitchers.

This is far from a complete list of pitchers, and, in most cases, all of their sinkers. Think of it has a snapshot of a few guys, useful for comparison down the road. Data selected from 2009 regular season games only.


  • Carl Pavano, with his improved sinker in 2009, is still not looking good
  • Lots of Cubs? Well, I've classified all of their pitches
  • Vin Mazzaro is impressive