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Most Over Hyped Players

Using Google, I decided to find which players were the most over hyped this year.

Warning – This analysis is state of the art and should not be tried by anyone.

First I took all the 36 qualified players that had a negative WAR for the season so far and found how many articles contained the player by using their name, team, 2009 and the word baseball like the following line:

"Dave Bush" Brewers 2009 baseball

Here are the results of the 36 players rated in 5 different categories depending on the number of articles:


Who? (56.3K and 185K articles): Yuniesky Betancourt, Emilio Bonifacio, Chris Young, Jeff Francoeur, Chris Young, Vernon Wells, Ben Francisco, Brett Myers, Armando Galarraga, David Bush, Jamie Moyer, Chris Davis, Jeff Suppan, Emmanuel Burriss, Brian Giles and Jose Guillen


I think I have heard of him before.(202K and 293K articles): Garrett Atkins, Edgar Renteria, Josh Fields, Jose Lopez, Willy Taveras, Jimmy Rollins and Jordan Schafer


I have heard of him before (308K and 426K articles): Skip Schumaker, Daniel Murphy and Orlando Cabrera


Getting tired of him (793K and 869K articles): Aubrey Huff and Jason Giambi


Please Shut Up (3980K articles): David Ortiz


So after hours of toiling research it is determined that Derick Jeter is the most over hyped player... oh way... sorry ... so used to typing that... David Ortiz is now the most over hyped player in MLB this year (still doesn't sound right without Jeter).