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Community Project: Saberizing a Mac

The idea for this project came from a FanPost requesting some help getting databases and other saber-geeky tools up and running on a Mac.  While we're at it, let's add the qualification "for free".

I'm no database guru, but I do own a Mac and consider myself smarter than a seventh grader, so I'll volunteer to act as captain of this adventure, and anyone else who's a Mac user and looking to learn how to use databases is free to come along for the ride.  I suspect our cycle of learning will look something like:

  1. Someone asks a question.
  2. A bunch of people go looking for answers.
  3. They report back.
  4. We find something that works.
  5. We all implement it.
  6. We celebrate with age-appropriate beverages.
  7. We aim higher and loop back to #1.

My only official role will be to decide on the next question, and wait to announce it until we give everyone a chance to catch up.  Other than that, it's the blind leading the blind.

I will "feature" this article, meaning you can find a link to it in the Featured Stories section of the right sidebar even after it gets bumped from the front page.

First question: How do I get all the software pieces in place to work with SQL-based databases?  Colin's writeup at Statistically Speaking is a great start, although I remember striking out on a free, quality graphical interface on the Mac.  Ready, go!