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Weekly Box Score: Through June 11th

The Weekly Box Score is where we round up links to all our posts from the past week, giving you a chance to catch up on anything you might have missed.  (The Archives are good for that, too.)

  • We had two excellent interviews, one with John Sickels about draft- and scouting-related stuff and one with Jonah Keri about Jonah Keri-related stuff.
  • BtB's power rankings, powered by Justin, put four AL East teams at the top of the list and featured the Rockies climbing eight spots.  Dan's pseudo projected standings -- which combine actual wins with projected wins based on talent level from past games -- foresee the Dodgers, Tigers, and Rangers winning their divisions most easily.
  • R.J. concluded that signing Stephen Strasburg to a huge signing bonus is worth it if he turns out like Mike Mussina.  If you think expecting any pitcher to turn out like Mike Mussina is a good bet, however, drop me an email and include the size of your wager.
  • Erik adjusted the offensive stats for the highly rated college hitterss both by park and strength of schedule.
  • Jeff amazed us again with data and graphs powered by his injury data base.  My favorite chart shows the average number of days missed for each category of injury.
  • It's college baseball playoffs time, and Jeff took looked at how the The Book is different for Division I's high-scoring environment (hint, the stolen base break-even point is likely upwards of 80% in most situations).  MGL handed out a butt-whooping in the comments, too, which wasboth constructive and a sign we're doing something right.
  • The blind leading the blind continued, as we set off to add Win Shares data to our Baseball Databank databases and write some challenging queries.  Here are all the Saberizing a Mac posts (which are still useful to non-yuppie PC users).
  • Want to read about how any of the thirty teams drafted?  Check out Dan's draft links roundup, which appears to have taken him 37.4 hours.
  • Graphs of the Day took a look at Placido Polanco (Mr. Underrated), A's hitters sliced by average launch angle and speed off bat, the careers of the pitchers in the Yankees 2003 rotation, the 2008 Texas outfield defense, UZR patterns of shortstops who played every year from 2002 through 2008, and the average batted ball speed of hitters and pitchers.
  • Harry dissected the limited pitch data for pitchers who made their MLB debut last week.
  • Jack shared his thoughts and strategies for keeping a score book at a baseball game.
  • Harry warned us again about the inconsistencies in Pitch f/x data between parks, and taught a lesson in sensationalist headline writing at the same time.
  • With April Hit f/x data released, Harry did his thing and created a bunch of sweet graphs trying to find connections between angle off the bat, speed off the bat, BABIP, and SLG-on-contact.
  • BtB reader viktor06 is running away with half of our Ball on a Budget fantasy league, leading by the equivalent of seven games in the standings and is up 16 games over last place.