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Pat Burrell WAR League Update – May Edition

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The first month of the season is done with  about 24 games being played by each Major League team. Let's see where everyone currently stands in the Pat Burrell Division of the Ball on a Budget fantasy league along, with each team's top and bottom individual performers:

philkid3 10.6 Zack Greinke 2.6 Scott Lewis -0.1
MatthewA 8.8 Carlos Pena 1.3 Matt Lindstrom -0.3
Markakis and Wieters 4 Life 7.9 Evan Longoria 2.1 Carlos Marmol -0.2
NYRoyal 7.5 Dan Haren 1.7 BJ Upton -0.3
vivaelpujols 7.2 Cliff Lee 1.1 Connor Jackson -0.6
TucsonRoyal 7.1 Kevin Youkilis 2.0 Chien-Ming Wang -0.2
oldjacket 5.9 Tim Lincecum 1.4 Chris Young -0.5
viktor06 unk - - - -
Jason Collette unk - - - -
acblue unk - - - -
Marc Normandin unk - - - -
Daniel Berlyn unk - - -


There is only data on these 7 participants because they are the only ones to update there data this month. (If your data isn't included, please create your team over at Fangraphs and update the spreadsheet at the end of each month.  Email me with any questions.)  I needed to lock down the data so everyone's values reflect the same number of games played for each team.


I then decided to see how each team would be doing if the WAR values were converted to actual wins and losses. Using .300 as the winning percentage of a team made up of only 0 WAR players , a 0 WAR team would currently have won 7.2 games. Here is what each participant's record would be after 24 games (WAR + 7.2):


Manager Wins Loses
philkid3 17.8 6.2
MatthewA 16 8
Markakis and Wieters 4 Life 15.1 8.9
NYRoyal 14.7 9.3
vivaelpujols 14.4 9.6
TucsonRoyal 14.3 9.7
oldjacket 13.1 10.9


Nice to see everyone has at least drafted a team with a winning record. Truthfully, I figured my team would be further behind with Wang and Hamels pitching the way they have been and with Santana on the DL. As for the division's name sake, Pat Burrell, he has not had much of season yet and stands at -0.2 WAR (although Mark Ellis isn't doing much better at -0.1). I can't wait to see the standings next month and hopefully more people can update the their information.