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Graph of the Day: Cone, Saberhagen and Finley

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Infer from this graph what you will.

We have here, using Sean Smith's WAR data, a few pitchers from the third tier of terrific pitchers from the previous generation of players. David Cone, Bret Saberhagen and Chick Finley rank 28th, 31st and 32nd since 1953 in career total. Included in the graph, for reference, is a Hall of Fame position player: Luis Aparicio.

Conefinleysabergraphnth_medium  Conefinleysabergraph_medium

Career Totals

Cone: 57.6

Saberhagen: 55.5

Finley: 54.8

Aparicio: 50.5


WAR data provided by Sean Smith's Historical WAR Database at