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FanShots Weekend Blowout Extravaganza!

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It has an exclamation point!

Alrighty, here is the post where you look through and find the interesting FanShots from the last few days you want to go read and comment on. I was actually down and out for the last couple days, so I spent my morning discovering a lot of these for the first time. Join me!

Erik linked us to the story of UCLA pitcher Trevor Bauer and his interest in combining mathmetical theories with real pitching performances on the field.

He admits that when he’s not gripping a baseball, he loves solving mathematical equations – especially those that involve the game he started playing in his backyard as soon as he learned to walk.

"I look at pitching mechanics and try to analyze them in a physics way," he said. "For example, the longer the lever arm and the faster it’s moving, the higher the velocity is on the end of it."

No word yet on whether he watches games with a calculator or with binoculars when he's not pitching.

Vegas Watch took a look at Armando Galarraga and the possibility that he may be actually improving and no longer largely lucky. They also discussed the early strength of schedule impact for teams projections -- both computer and Vegas -- so far.

If you haven't yet read Joe Posnanski writing about Zack Greinke, you should. You also need to read Fear and Loathing in Cooperstown. As do as I, but I can tell it's the kind of creative writing I get behind.

The comments section of a link to a second FanGraphs article on pitchers who don't hold runners delved in to the question of just how bad such a weakness is.

The Onion broke the baffling story of 12-year-old Little League player Jonathan Keefer. For reasons no one is able to understand, Keefer apparently considers Larry Jones Jr. his favorite baseball player.

Brendan Scolari used PITCHf/x to look at how Jeff Weaver was better in four innings of relief Thursday than James McDonald was in fewer than two innings as a starter.

And, finally, the Natinals are bad. And Fire Jim Bowden takes a look at the "gory detail" and the "surgical precision" with which they were reduced to this state.

But wait, there's more!



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Also: Carl Crawford just stole his 6th base of the day.