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As A Saber Geek, Whose Jersey Would You Buy?

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Because this isn't a team blog, we miss out on many of the team-specific discussions that go on at sites.  Often, that's a good thing -- think Who's our clubhouse leader? or Who has more WINZ?!? -- but there are a few topics I wish popped up.  One is which jersey I should buy.  Or, more theoretically, which jersey lets people know that I'm a stathead?

As my buddy Frank would argue, you don't want to make it too obvious.  For example, if you're a Yankee fan, buying the Derek Jeter jersey is a bit too mainstream (and makes it look like you just came from your Sweet Sixteen party.)  Instead, you might opt for an up-and-comer like Brett Gardner or Austin Jackson, although that's high risk move.  You might go with a Free-Erubiel-Durazo approach, like Nick Swisher before the Xavier Nady injury.  Or you might go old school, like Clete Boyer, who was an awesome defender but never won a Gold Glove.

In saber-speak, the analogy is that going with a Mark Ellis or Kevin Youkilis jersey is a little too obvious.  Here are some ideas I had, if the goal is to be a bit more subtle:

  • Albert Pujols -- Nothing wrong with celebrating the fact that the best player in the game is underrated.  This is like hiding in plain sight.
  • Javier Vazquez -- This one's for people who like to get into arguments.
  • Jeff Francoeur or Carlos Lee -- Two of the many options if you have money to spend on a joke.
  • Adrian Gonzalez -- For you park effects fans.
  • Antonio DeJesus -- Check out the walk rate, slugging percentage, and TotalZone numbers in AA.
  • Russell Branyan -- Bonus points if you have the Cleveland version.

What other ideas can you come up with to subtly show off your saber-geekdom on a baseball jersey?