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Live Chat With Harry About Pitch F/X: Friday at 1pm EDT

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Bumped: Yup, the chat's today.  Get pumped and spread the word.

Do you want to understand pitch f/x graphs better?  Do you want to make your own?  Do you want to know how reliable the data is and what cool information we can get from it down the road?  If you have any interest at all in Pitch f/x or the pitcher-hitter matchup (i.e. do you like baseball?) then join Harry Pavlidis on Friday at 1pm EDT for a live chat.

Chat window is after the jump -- I suggest submitting your email address right now to receive a pre-chat reminder email.  To get your questions at the front of the queue, show up 5-10 minutes early.  Yes, there will be polls.  You can suggest topics now in the comments.