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Meet Tim Collins

Quite an ordinary name for such an unusual pitcher. Just look at these numbers: 


Yr.  Level Age  IP H K/PA K/BB FIP
2007 R 17 6 6 29.20% 3.5 2.14
2008 A 18 68.1 36 36.70% 3.06 2.50
2009 A+ 19 14 4 50% 6.5 0.46


Judging by the strikeout rates, you'd be tempted to think Collins is some blue chipper that throws 100 miles per hour, yet Collins is far from that. He went undrafted but signed with Toronto as a free agent. He's generously listed at 5-7 and 155 pounds; not exactly an intimidating figure on the mound. Collins is a lefty, and his fastball sits at around 88 MPH. His strikeout pitch is his curveball which grades as above average, and he has a less than spectacular change-up. And yet, despite his short stature and lack of overwhelming "stuff", he's faced 52 hitters this season and has struck out half of them. This just isn't supposed to happen.

Granted, it's only the Florida State League and it's only 50 batters, but yikes. We see very few successful pitchers of his stature, but when we do, it's usually because they have a trick or two up their sleeve -- Roy Face had a forkball. Bobby Schantz threw the knuckler. And to a lesser extent but in this present era, Danny Ray Herrera throws a screwball. Nothing about Collins' repertoire really stands out. 

I have no idea how he is racking up these video game-esque strikeout numbers, but he is, and he has my attention.