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Slicing The Pitch F/X Leader Boards

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Back to some RV100 (average run value compared to average of 100 pitches) leaders, this time by lateral slice.

"Fat" pitches are the middle ten inches of the plate, "Out" and "In" are the next 7 inches each, outside and inside relative to the hitter respectively, which along with the "Fat" slice comprise the 24-inch wide plate that best matches what's actually called in games.  "Wide" and "Tight" are off the plate, outside and inside relative to the hitter, respectively.


Here are the baseline RV100 numbers, across all PITCHf/x data going back to 2006.  I mean everything, including WBC, Futures Games, Exhibition, Playoffs and Regular Season.  Lower numbers are better for pitchers.

Wide   2.22
Out -2.47
Fat -2.55
In -2.15
Tight 2.16

The stats below are from 2009 regular season games, up through May 14.  A minimum 71 pitches was needed to qualify for a slice, which made the qualifying group the Tight leaders rather small.

Good Fat
Sean Burnett -9.0
Jason Jennings -8.4
Andrew Bailey -7.4
Ramon Ramirez -7.0
Jorge De La Rosa -6.3
Good In
Mark Buehrle -7.3
Chan Ho Park -5.6
Scott Kazmir -5.5
Justin Masterson -5.0
Jered Weaver -4.9
Good Out
Ramon Troncoso -7.1
Brian Tallet -6.8
Eric Stults -5.7
Tim Lincecum -5.6
Mark Buehrle -5.5
Good Tight
Josh Johnson -0.9
Wandy Rodriguez -0.9
Matt Garza -0.3
Zack Greinke -0.3
Johan Santana -0.1
Good Wide
Dan Haren -0.8
Javier Vazquez -0.5
Ross Ohlendorf -0.5
Kiko Calero -0.4
Jeff Suppan -0.2
Bad Fat
Wesley Wright 3.8
Zach Miner 3.1
Glendon Rusch 2.7
Luke Gregerson 2.5
Carlos Silva 2.2
Bad In
Anibal Sanchez 3.2
Andy Sonnanstine 2.8
Gavin Floyd 2.4
Jason Marquis 2.3
Micah Owings 1.3
Bad Out
Andy Sonnanstine 2.3
Oliver Perez 2.0
Guillermo Mota 1.3
Justin Masterson 1.0
Cole Hamels 1.0
Bad Tight
Josh Beckett 5.9
Carlos Zambrano 5.6
Braden Looper 5.4
Daniel Cabrera 5.1
Dallas Braden 3.9
Bad Wide
Micah Owings 5.8
Jon Lester 5.5
Jonathan Sanchez 5.4
Yusmeiro Petit 5.0
Duaner Sanchez 4.9