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Wednesday FanShots Fix

Okay, as of this writing, it's technically Thursday. So what have you missed in the FanShots since your last fix, you ask?

Devil_Fingers muses that Zack Greinke may, in fact, earn his entire contract this year. Sounds kind of extreme, but the case is made pretty well, and not with simple data. DF accounts for a lot of factors, and in the end, determines it would take about eight wins above replacement for Greinke to get there, and that he's likely to get at least close to that. Tremendous analysis.

On a related note, Greinke is at least twice as good as almost everyone else in baseball.

JBrew compares Albert Pujols's career in WAR thus far to Hank Aaron, Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays, as well as the average Hall of Famer. Seems pretty apparent that the only thing stopping Phat Albert from being a lock for Cooperstown is not having played 10 seasons, but you already knew that. How his peak stacks up to those of the Mick (not actually that well) and the Hammer (better than I would have expected) is neat, though. Thank you, Sean Smith! He followed up by pointing out the fact that Barry Bonds destroyed all of them.

Jeff Sullivan at Lookout Landing illustrated why Yuniesky Betancourt is so bad. In short: pitchers have thrown around him more and more, and his response has been to swing more and more.

Bugs & Cranks put together a list of the teams with the most heart in baseball.

Sky put up a chart indicating David Ortiz is having a ton of trouble pulling balls with any power. A few of the comments also presented some past hit charts for reference of how much he's declined.

Sokojoe went over to Mets Geek to teach people how to watch games if you're a basement dweller.

I'm not yet much of a draftnik in baseball, though I've been trying in recent years. Andy Seiler makes it easier with a really spectacular mock draft.

As usual, you have here just the highlights, not the whole section. Remember, if the FanShots aren't staying on the page long enough for you can increase the number that appear on your front page by going to "My Dashboard" at the top of the screen.

Now go forth and comment!

(Also: Am I hearing Thomas Hayden Church doing the voice of a VW Bus in commercials or am I imagining things?)