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BtB Live Chat: Tuesday at 2pm

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Monday Night Update: Dan Szymborski is a big fan of live chats and has some free time tomorrow, so he's going to be a special guest panelist.  He claims he's not pushing any product endorsements, but if you want to throw a few ZiPS questions his way, I'm sure he won't complain.

We're baaaack! The important info:

  • Who: Sky and whoever else he can round up on short notice.
  • What: A live Q&A about baseball and stuff.
  • Where: In this thread, after the jump. You can enter your email address right now to receive an email reminder fifteen minutes before the event.
  • Why: Do we need a reason?
  • When: Tuesday, May 12th, at 2pm.  That's after Steven Goldman chats at BPro and before Tim Dierkes chats at MLB Trade Rumors.

Chat after the jump: