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An Attempt At Early Season Rationality

I'm not going to write one of those early season articles about how everyone's overreacting to a few games' or a few weeks' worth of performance data, because I think you'll be as sick of reading them as I am of writing them very shortly.  But I'd like to give something a try, to see how we can do at it:

Over the next few days, let's keep our eyes peeled for players whose stats are pretty bad, but who appear to be playing well.  This might include pitchers who give up shoe-string homeruns or hitters who suffer from a few at'em line drives.

On the flip side, let's see if we can spot any players with good stats that might be getting lucky -- even luckier than we'd assume from a 0.00 ERA or .600 batting average.

Throw your observations in the comments.  I'm not really sure what will come of this, but hopefully some discussion from an uncommon perspective will satisfy enough of us.