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Community WAR Projections Update

Yes, I've been lax in getting this project wrapped up.  I apologize.  But moving beyond that, let's actually make this worthwhile and not just some lost hours by a bunch of people.

If you were in charge of compiling community projections for your team, please get the final update into the EditGrid worksheet today or tomorrow.  I will be working on adding a 31st sheet that compiles team WAR by different categories and totals.  That will make it easy to normalize the data (i.e. fix the issue of team's averaging 87 wins).  If anyone would like to help out with this, let me know.

Since it's been so long since we've discussed the project, feel free to post any questions below.

Here's a link to the launch article. There were some teams not covered, but I believe many of them actually did do community projections.  These teams include Pittsburgh and San Diego in the NL and New York, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Los Angeles of Anaheim, and Seattle in the AL.  If you can help out with putting their projections into the document, let me know.

Thanks, everyone.