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Graph of the Day: The Big Red Machine's Offense

H/T to Red Reporter for inadvertently giving me the idea.


  • This is every player with at least 150 plate appearances during the season. 
  • Everyone gives Joe Morgan beef -- and rightfully so -- for being a horrid announcer, but as a player he was beyond incredible.
  • How many teams nowadays can safely state that their first baseman was outproduced by their catcher, second baseman, third baseman, left and right fielders, and still feel good about their offense? If Mark Ellis and Kurt Suzuki outhit Jason Giambi, the A's are probably in trouble.
  • Bill Plummer is amusing. He recorded over a thousand career plate appearances, despite being absolutely abysmal. I know we're talking a backup catcher, but a career OPS south of .550? Ouch.
  • You already knew it, but goodness alive this team is ridiculous.