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Mid-Week FanShot Shindig

Good morning (or evening if you're like me)!

What's gone down in the FanShots lately? I'm glad you asked!

Devil_Fingers put together a fantabulous analysis at Driveline Mechanics looking at how well teams are alloting money towards the DH position. It was good enough to catch the eye of Tom Tango, and he's asked for some input, so I'll ask again for him here: head over and give your input (if you have it).

Lookout Landing worried about King Felix's changeup.

Matt Vasgersian made his coworkers uncomfortable. Again.

Baseball Prospectus is staying relevant by announcing weekly key prospect updates. As erik said, "just when i was thinking of not renewing."

Sky gave us a post from Fire Brand of the American League about some early struggles for Papelbon in 2009. I just watched him sit down the Indians, though, and your last game all that matters!

Under the "neat-o!" category, The Hardball Times used linear weights to look at the best pitches of 2008 and the Baseball Analysts used the same method to look at the best so far in 2009.

Finally, Darren Rovell says MLB attendance isn't really that bad and Jeremy Greenhouse has an update on his personal park effects.

Something of a quiet past couple days in the FanShots. Please continue to add your great stuff and the great stuff you find in the various tubes you wander through (what is the method of movement through a series of tubes?). And also keep popping in with your comments; conversation is what keeps the ideas flowing. And the laughs.