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Reader Contest: 32 Predictions

Update: Remember, this contest is open until midnight tonight (on the west coast).  There are about sixty entries so far.  My brother's been copying and pasting entries into an Excel sheet, so hopefully we'll have everyone's picks and some analysis ready to go tomorrow.

I'm stealing this contest idea from an old professor of mine, Doug Drinen of Pro-Football-Reference, and heck, I might as well steal his directions, too (translated into baseball-speak):

Below you will find 32 pairs of numbers. In each case, you tell me which number will be bigger. One point for each correct answer. Most points wins.

Ties — and I expect there to be a nontrivial number of them — go to the side that had fewer votes. For example, here is a pair of numbers:

Wins by the Yankees
Wins by the Red Sox

Let’s say 41 people take the Yankees and 54 take the Red Sox. If the Yankees and Red Sox end up with the same number of wins, then each Yankee-backer will get a point and each Red Sox-backer will not.

The grand prize is BtB bragging rights, and there may also be some sort of small materialistic trinket I dig up over the next six months.  But maybe not.

To enter, copy the pairs into a text editor, delete each line you're not picking, remove any blank lines in between to save space, and copy your ballot into a comment.  Do not change the text of the options you're picking at all.

Ballots are due Monday night at midnight Pacific.  In case of an overall tie, the tie-breaker goes to the person who entered first.

BtB authors are encouraged to participate, but can only win the intangible prizes.

The 32 questions:

Wins by the Red Sox
Wins by the Yankees

Division championships by Los Angeles teams
Division championships by Chicago teams

HRs by last year's SB leader, Willy Taveras
SBs by last year's HR leader, Ryan Howard

Games played by Colby Rasmus
Games played by Brandon Wood

Pitchers to start games for the Orioles
Infielders and catchers to start games for the Giants

Saves by Francisco Rodriguez
HRs by Albert Pujols

Wins by the Phillies minus losses by Mariners
Wins by the Rays minus losses by Nationals

Average wins by NL Central teams
Average wins by AL Central teams

UZR of Hanley Ramirez plus UZR of Dan Uggla
Negative five

Javier Vazquez's ERA
Javier Vazquez's FIP

IP by John Smoltz
IP by Tom Glavine

HRs by BJ Upton
SBs by BJ Upton

1000 times Jack Cust's AVG
Combined Runs by Derek Jeter and Brian Roberts

Games played by Matt Wieters
Five times starts by David Price

SOs by Jeff Suppan
BBs by Oliver Perez

OBP by Marcus Thames
AVG by Matt Holliday

Royals hitters with 10+ HRs
Yankee pitchers with 10+ Wins

HRs hit by pitchers
HBPs by the MLB leader

2B + 3B + HR + SB by Jimmy Rollins
Runs scored by Curtis Granderson

SOs by Russ Branyan
Five times HRs by Russ Branyan

UZR of the Orioles' outfield
UZR of the Mariners' outfield

IP by Derek Lowe
IP by AJ Burnett

Fangraphs WAR by Pat Burrell
Fangraphs WAR by Raul Ibanez

Games played by Chipper Jones
RBIs by Miguel Cabrera

IP by Roy Halladay
IP by CC Sabathia

Rich Harden's ERA
Johan Santana's ERA

Pitchers who throw 200 IP
Hitters who have 650 PAs

Relief IP by Joba Chamberlain
Starter IP by Brandon Morrow

Most runs scored by one team in any game
Most caught stealings by any one player

World Series won by AL East Teams
World Series won by any NL team

MVPs and Cy Youngs won by first-timers
MVPs and Cy Youngs won by repeaters

Points from the first 31 questions for Sky
Points from the first 31 questions for R.J.