Historical Pitching WAR Now at Baseball Projection


I like getting presents for no reason whatsoever when I settle down after a busy weekend! Sean Smith has improved his awesome WAR database at with pitching WAR in the Retro Sheet era. So, that's pretty cool. Want to know what Greg Maddux was worth over his career in a way you can compare to position players? Just head to the pitching WAR index right here. Also available in Top 300 form. Erik already used this to compare non-Hall of Famer Bert Blyeven to Hall of Famers Don Sutton and Nolan Ryan below. It's not the most sortable of databases, it's only back to 1953, there may be better ways to do things that someone will come along and present, and I'm personally not entirely clear on the methodology, but it's still really nifty to see. I also love that it's apparently adjusted for "pitchers' opponents," something that I think should be a major part of analyzing a pitcher's performance. Anyway, have fun. Talk about what stands out to you.