Forbes: Baseball's Most Valuable Teams


Forbes has their 12th annual take on the monetary value of every franchise in baseball. As one might expect, the overall financial value of baseball is skewed a bit by the top teams, and ten teams saw their values drop over the last year. The Yankees, Mets, Red Sox, Dodgers and Cubs, predictably, take the top slots, with the Yankees jumping 15% in value over the last year. As could have been predicted since as far back as Barry Bonds kept the team from moving to Tampa in '93, the Giants are seriously declining in a post-Bonds world. The guy isn't exactly likable, and how he reached his great feats in recent years may be questionable, but I still think the way the franchise is scrubbing his name from their history is fairly attrocious. He's just about the most important thing that has ever happened to them in the last 20 years, and they were happy to use him for great gains while he was playing, but once he's gone, only now are they happy to wag their fingers at him and pretend his Giants days never happened. I'm no Bonds fan and I have little against the Giants, but a part of me does enjoy seeing them hurting without him as long as they're willing to pretend he never did any good for the franchise. The Braves and Nationals, meanwhile, also saw huge decreases in value, but are both still in the top half of baseball. Most of the bottom teams have actually had tidy increases. Maury Brown of the Biz of Baseball does some analysis of the report.