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Graph of the Day: R.J. Swindle Breaks Pitch F/x

R.J. Swindle, BtB hero, made his Brewer debut last night. I don't know if Harry plans to tackle him in a full-length post or not; I sure hope so. In the meantime here is his slow stuff vs. his horizontal break.


According to Swindle himself

I throw 5 pitches - fastball, curveball, slider, cutter, changeup.  My fastball is about 81-84, my curveball that everyone knows me by is about 51-55, all the other pitches come somewhere in between.

Can you ID all five? I know pitch f/x had trouble. They classified his 55 mph curve as "unknown".

OK, I promise to lay off pitch f/x for a while, but I couldn't resist.