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Help BtB Win The SBN Twitter Contest (Please RT)


Twitter is big.  BtB is trying to be big, along with every other SB*Nation blog.  As such, SBN higher-ups have organized a contest to see which blog can hit 5,000 Twitter followers first.  I want to win.  Why?  I like winning.  So go follow @BtB_Sky.

What's in it for you, if you follow us?  Well, you get to read my witty commentary in yet another medium.  That's not enough?  Well, the 5,000th follower of the winning blog will receive two tickets to a home game.  And I'm pretty sure if you promote our Twitter feed to your friends and one of them wins, they're legally bound to bring you to the game as their guest.  I'm also open to giving out a gift certificate to What If Sports to one of our Twitter followers even if we don't win, so suggest a good way to do that in the comments.

You can view the current SBN Twitter 5k standings here.  Yes, we're ahead of most blogs right now, but the leading blog is already 1,000 followers ahead of us.

What is Twitter?

If you're not quite sure what Twitter is or why you'd want to use it, the simple explanation is that it's a connection of Facebook-style status updates, quite often with links to interesting content.  You can connect with people in your industry or fans of your favorite team.  Many large companies are using Twitter as another form of viral/permission marketing.  Against popular opinion, it's mostly not just people letting you know they're having a bad hair day.

One way interesting information spreads on Twitter is by "re-tweeting".  If someone you follow posts an interesting link or thought, click the re-tweet button to send the same thing to everyone following you.  That also helps get our Twitter name in front of others, and maybe they'll follow us.

So, again, go follow @BtB_Sky and let's see if a blog that's not supported by rabid fans of any particular team can beat out over 175 other blogs.  I follow everyone back who follows me, unless you send me spam.  Then I kill your livestock.

If this isn't your thing, just ignore it.