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Please Welcome Robbie to BtB

At BtB our goal is not just to make the Front Page a daily stop on your reading list, but to make BtB a community where intelligent fans discuss baseball intelligently.  That's where FanShots come in -- they're your chance to decide what people are talking about here.  I know, I know, nobody reads FanShots.  Except they do, at many other SBN team-specific sites, and we've gone through phases where they're more popular right here.

To help increase their popularity, and the dialogue among readers, Robbie (philkid3) has agreed to join the team as our links guru.  He's been around in our comments sections for a while now, generally has intelligent things to say, and has contributed his fair share to the FanPosts and FanShots sections.  He'll be scouring the intertubes to highlight interesting content that's deserving of discussion.  If you're an RSS type person, you can follow the FanShots feed in addition to our front page feed.  And you can increase how many FanShots appear per page by going to your user profile, clicking on Edit Settings, and looking under Blog Experience Preferences.