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The Indians' 14 Run Second Inning

From ESPN.  Cleveland started the top of the second down 2-0 to the Yankees:

T Hafner reached on infield single to third. 0 2
J Peralta singled to left, T Hafner to second. 0 2
S Choo homered to left, T Hafner and J Peralta scored. 3 2
R Garko fouled out to catcher. 3 2
B Francisco doubled to left. 3 2
A Cabrera singled to center, B Francisco scored. 4 2
G Sizemore doubled to deep right, A Cabrera to third. 4 2
M DeRosa doubled to deep right, A Cabrera and G Sizemore scored. 6 2
M DeRosa to third on wild pitch by C Wang. 6 2
V Martinez singled to right, M DeRosa scored. 7 2
A Claggett relieved C Wang. 7 2
T Hafner doubled to deep center, V Martinez to third. 7 2
J Peralta doubled to deep center, V Martinez and T Hafner scored. 9 2
S Choo walked. 9 2
R Garko singled to center, J Peralta to third, S Choo to second. 9 2
B Francisco struck out swinging. 9 2
A Cabrera homered to right, J Peralta, S Choo and R Garko scored. 13 2
G Sizemore homered to right. 14 2
M DeRosa struck out swinging.

In total, that's 14 runs, 13 hits, one walk, one wild pitch, three home runs, five doubles, two swinging strikeouts, and one infield single by Travis Hafner.  Victor Martinez will lead off the third inning with his third plate appearance of the game.  Yowzers.