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BtB's Readers' Worst Contracts Project

Tim Dierkes obviously hit a nerve with his post about the 45 worst contracts in MLB.  In BtB's quest to tackle mainstream topics from a saber point of view, I'd like to create a similar list, with BtB readers determining the 25 worst contracts.  Here's how I see the process working:

  1. You suggest the worst contracts in the comments of this post.  Feel free to add commentary to persuade others.
  2. You Recommend comments to "second" the nominations you agree with.
  3. Assuming we get enough nominations, I'll take the top fifty by rec's and create a poll where you can pick your top ten.  That should yield a good overall ranking.

I'm open to methodology suggestion, so throw them in the comments.

So, which players are signed to the worst contracts in MLB?

Update (five minutes after posting):  To make things easier, let's use only current MLB contracts, name one contract per comment, and list the contract's value, length, and any other relevant information.  Thanks.