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Interesting Fanshots 2/23-3/2

Certainly more interesting then that title...

OK this was on 2/22 but it was like 2/23 in China when it was posted so it counts. Harry linked to an awesome study involving Chase Utley's hit locations and proper defensive formation behind it.

CHONE power rankings were posted, with a lot of interesting fanfare (Padres 2nd in the west, top 3 teams all from AL East?

BA's Top 100 Prospects came out, with Matt Weiters topping the list.

philkid3 showed us that MLB Network will be slow in accepting the sabermetric revolution with their comments on this video Fanshot.

larry linked us with Fangraphs BABIP home/away splits, which in turn had MattS post an interesting study he did regarding home/away splits of a lot of different factors

PECOTA looks like it's due for an ageism lawsuit.

The quality/capabilities/uncertainty with regards to the future of reporting are brought up in the Fanshot on the Rocky Mountains News closing shop

And two good fanshots late last night, one from jhmoore on the correlation between fip-era and team uzr (it's high as you'd probably expect) and another from baetown415 of Rally's historical WAR of the past 50+ years.

Keep the fanshots coming guys, I like how that section of the site is growing. I know it's sometime's tough to find in the bottom right corner of the page, but there's also the spot in the title bar to use with displays them front and center in all their glory.

And keep expecting posts like this once or twice a week to highlight them, as even myself, the dungeon master of the BtB Fanshot section, sometimes misses out on some good ones.