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AL East Farm System Values

TINSTAABALEFS. There is no such thing as a bad AL East farm system, at least in terms of surplus values.

 Here again are the values for each category of prospects, as figured by Victor Wang.

Top 10 hitting prospects $32.5M
Top 11-25 hitters $22.3
Top 26-50 hitters $20.8
Top 51-75 hitters $12.6
Top 76-100 hitters $11.1
Top 10 pitching prospects $13.5
Top 11-25 pitchers $14.2
Top 26-50 pitchers $14.2
Top 51-75 pitchers $10.8
Top 76-100 pitchers $8.7
Grade B pitchers (as graded by Sickels)
Grade B hitters $4.9
Grade C pitchers 22 or younger $1.9
Grade C pitchers 23 or older $1.3
Grade C hitters 22 or younger $0.62
Grade C hitters 23 or older $0.45


See the original post on the series for more info. First, the Wieters-factored Farm System Values:



Here's the non-Wieters factored farm system values:



  • Toronto Blue Jays, $94.1M. The Jays have done a nice job drafting as of late. Travis Snider is a top ten hitting prospect and J.P. Arencibia, Brett Cecil and David Cooper look like good picks well. Justin Jackson is a toolsy shortstop with star potential. The drop off is significant after this group, but this is a solid system.
  • New York Yankees, $97.8M. Jesus Montero looks like a pretty terrific international signing. The 18 yr. old won the Sally League batting title in his full season debut and projects to be a major power threat in the big leagues.  Austin Jackson has no standout tool, but looks like a solid all-around center fielder. Where the Yankees are particularly deep is the pitching department, but none of their pitchers are really awe-inspiring at the moment. Andrew Brackman, Dellin Betances and maybe Arodys Vizcaino are the only ones who strike me as having high upside. The Yanks have nine 23 year old + C grade pitchers, 12% of their systems' value, so they should be able to fill out a bullpen rather cheaply for the next few seasons.
  • Boston Red Sox, $99.15. While the Red Sox have a pretty valuable farm system, after Lars Anderson there's a lot of risk.  Their next two most valuable prospects are Michael Bowden and Daniel Bard, both top 76-100 pitching prospects, and then a load of young B grade prospects with boom or bust potential. Interestingly enough, the plan with their 1st rd. pick Casey Kelly is split his season as a pitcher and a shortstop.



Baltimore Orioles, $112M.  Matt Wieters. Matt Wieters. Matt Wieters. Matt Wieters. Matt Wieters. Matt Wieters. Matt Wieters. Matt Wieters. Matt Wieters. Matt Wieters. Matt Wieters. Oh, yeah - The O's have three pretty exciting home grown arms that could help them finally turn things around. Matt Wieters. Matt Wieters. Matt Wieters. Matt Wieters.



Tampa Bay Rays, $113.2M. Deep in pitching, but a little light in the hitting department. It's a minor complaint considering BJ Upton and Evan Longoria are both under 25. This is just one of the better run organizations in baseball right now, from top to bottom. It will be interesting to see how long they can continue their run as their stars age and they'll be going from drafting towards the bottom of the draft, rather than the top.

To conclude, Matt Wieters, Matt Wieters, Matt Wieters. Matt Wieters.

Up next: NL West.