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Weekly Box Score: February 21st to 28th

In case you missed anything, here's what was discussed during the past week at BtB.  (Also, any thoughts on which day you'd like this recap published?  I'm thinking Friday or Saturday.)

  • Harry pitch f/x'd the heck out of Tom Glavine.  The fact that he pitches away is only the beginning.
  • Sky was psyched to find out you can click on the Archives link at the top of the page to find stories from the past couple months that have new comments (as long as you're logged in).  Using it should make keeping older threads alive a lot easier.
  • Erik made his BtB debut about five hours after we announced his signing, discussing the Braves top OF prospects -- you know, those that won't put up the production of Garret Anderson.
  • Ads for CBS Sports' fantasy baseball commissioner service started appearing on the site.  Yes, BtB makes money when you sign up by clicking on them.  No, you won't be banned for not using them.
  • Friday High Fives asked who the best GMs over the past 10 years have been.  Some of you didn't like our answers.  We're cool with that, but we didn't like some of your responses, either.
  • Mark Worrell has a funky delivery and lives up in the zone.
  • Dan found that the data think Robinson Cano will rebound from his 2008 missing season, but not back to previous levels of production.  Most forecasting systems agree.
  • Yankee week concluded with Graham dissecting Mo's cutter circa 2008.  He actually varies the break quite a bit.
  • Graphs of the Day discussed the Andruw Jones, Albert Pujols, Barry Bonds (13 WAR!), Garret Anderson, JJ Hardy, Carlos Quentin, Magglio Ordonez, JD Drew, Matt Holliday, and Brian Giles, among others.
  • RJ's Three Facts series tackled the White Sox, Indians, Mets, Braves, Marlins, and Nationals.
  • Sky pointed out the one thing the Yankees do cheaply and quietly: build an effective bullpen around Mo.