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Shawn Hill is F.A.T.

The Nationals just cut Shawn Hill.  Let's run through some of his numbers from 2006 through 2008:

  • K/BB: 1.94 -- hmm, that's not bad
  • GB%: 50% -- that's helped lead to a .74 HR/9
  • FIP: 4.11 -- huh, league average has been about 4.40
  • tERA: 4.35 -- that's still above-average
  • ERA: 4.93 -- oh, er, yeah, I brought up the ERA
  • BABIP: .324 -- I'm starting to catch on that the Nationals haven't caught on
  • IP: 197 -- ok, so he's not the most durable guy

2009 salary: $775K (with a possible $130K termination fee)

So, the Nationals are not willing to pay a net of $245K for a pitcher who's at least league average, albeit in an average of 65 innings the past three years.  A 4.35 ERA in a 4.40 ERA league is worth almost one win above replacement.  Seems pretty cheap for one win and the chance of more, no?  Some smart team will snatch him up quickly.

Oh, and while it doesn't really mean anything, this quote from Hill from yesterday (via Rotowire at Fangraphs) is amusing in light of the move.  Commenting that his shoulder arm felt great after the game...

I have to hope that it stays this way. [There was] no discomfort at all today," Hill said. "Will it be perfectly fine tomorrow? I don't know. But right now, I'm not too concerned about it. This is the first time since early 2007 or '06 that I didn't have any significant discomfort. That's why it's kind of nice.