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AL East Saber-Friendly Live Chat: Thursday At 2pm EDT

Update: Yes, this starts in 40 minutes.  I'm a bit worried that Red Sox, Blue Jays, and Orioles fans will be under-represented, so if you have ways of fixing that, it would be much appreciated.  Oh, and Heath from Dempsey's Army will be joining us as the Orioles' panelist.

Someone mentioned the AL East has a few teams that are suppose to be good and are talked about a lot on ESPN or something, so I guess we'll do a chat for this division, too.  It's Thursday at 2pm EDT -- hey, if you're not going to work because of the basketball games, you might as well really not work.

Our confirmed panelists include:

Show up five minutes early to get your quetsions at the top of the queue.  Chat window after the jump -- you can enter your email address for a pre-chat reminder.