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Craig Biggio is Big, Apparently

Occasionally, a publisher will send an offer our way to review a book. Joe Torre's book, for example, was offered, but really what was to gain from it? Well, I'm glad to report we finally have an offer that makes sense to review:

I just wanted to give you a heads-up on another new book that is worthy of a read this spring. Last fall, Houston-based publisher Bright Sky Press released an absolutely stunning pictorial from photographer Michael Hart chronicling the final game of Craig Biggio's Hall-of-Fame worthy career, aptly named "BIGGIO: The Final Game".

I'm sure the photography is top-notch and that Astro fans who loved Biggio may find this book worth owning, but I don't know, it's Craig Biggio. I never really considered his last game something monumental. Interestingly enough, Biggio has a higher career WAR to this date than Manny Ramirez -- albeit with a few more seasons played -- per Rally's Top 300 list, and is only slightly behind Ron Santo and Roberto Alomar. Here's a look at his career:


I don't want to spoil the book, but it ends like this: