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Fanshots more interesting than your mom, 3/6-3/12

Uhhhhhh, or so I've heard? There were a couple of high traffic fanshots recently, in case you missed them:

centris linked us to his run value based on location in a strikezone plots. Very pretty heat maps, and some interesting questions arise from where the best spots to throw the ball are for pitchers.

BraveBronco0121 took the new BtB standard Historical WAR graph and looked at Andruw Jones vs Carlos Beltran. The graphs expand in the comments to include Jim Edmonds and other CF. It will be very interesting to see what voters think when these guys start qualifying for the HoF.

Colin Wyers shares the first part of how to start a Retrosheet Database. Very easy to read and follow, I've already implemented it after struggling to get one going from various sources before. Thanks a bunch Colin.

Part 1 and 2 of Peter Jensen's series at THT on building a fielding metric using Gameday data. I'm a big fan of the methods and information people use becoming public info (this new metric, WAR) as opposed to proprietary (+/-, VORP). I know it can be harder making money when all your info is out in the public, but so much more can be accomplished when you have everyone working together.