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Three Facts: Boston Red Sox

  • Their off-season was solid. Yeah, yeah, they failed to get Mark Teixeira, but what they did get includes a bunch of players undervalued due to injuries and signed for amounts they outperform. The Sox also avoided trading their youth, although catcher is still going to be a position of need within a year, assuming Josh Bard isn't re-signed after a solid year.
  • Josh Beckett's ERA lies. Since arriving in Boston Beckett's ERAs have been 5.01, 3.27, and 4.03, his FIPs: 5.12, 3.08, 3.24. Win values of 2.1, 6.5, and 5.1. Beckett missed time last year and was still worth ~23 million, that's impressive.
  • Speaking of missing time. The Red Sox have enough starting pitching depth that guys like Beckett, Daisuke Matzuaka, Brad Penny, John Smoltz, and Tim Wakefield can miss time without the Sox losing too much ground. This roster is extremely well built, almost too well.