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First Live Chat Is Best Live Chat In BtB History

The full chat transcript is available after the jump, but I've quoted some highlights below.

If you participated, what did you think?  How did the format of having five BtB authors contributing work out?  Did things move too fast?  Too slow?  Was the time slot convenient?  Did you like the polls?  Do you think other readers asked decent questions?  Should we stick with the clothing optional policy?  Other thoughts?

Jl: Who's going to the playoffs in the NL?

R.J. Anderson:  San Fran, New York, Chicago, St. Louis

Graham (iamawesomer):  Rox, Cubs, Phils, and the Pirates, they're this years Rays!

Sky Kalkman:  Mets, Cardinals, Diamondbacks, Cubs.   I reserve the right to actually put some thought into this at a later date.

Jl: I couut 3 St. Louis'. wheeee!

PhilR8: Why can Pittsburgh win six Superbowls, but be written off by talking heads as a market that can never again succeed in baseball?

Sky Kalkman:  Uh, talking heads don't know what they're talking about?  It's the standard thing: Team A hasn't been good recently, therefore Team A won't be any good going forward.  Hell, even Pirates fans don't understand that Huntington is a good GM.  He's going to do things differently.   They'll be the NL version of the Indians in a couple years.

Kyle Boddy: R.J., what is your icon supposed to be on SB Nation?

R.J. Anderson: Joe Maddon's glasses + Kanye West's graduation bear logo combined. No idea why it was ever made or thought of.

Jeff: Team surprises and disappointments for the upcoming season...

Harry Pavlidis:  Braves

Graham (iamawesomer):  Surprise: I think the Rangers will be quite competitive and finish maybe 2-3 games back in the AL West.

Sky Kalkman:  Surprise: Rangers

Ryan: I would suspect that if the Rangers are the surprise, then we see Sheets there and maybe a Holland sighting?

Sky Kalkman:  The Rangers and Sheets are an obvious fit.   Too obvious.

Mini Sky: SHOULD the Yankees trade Nady, Swisher, or Nobody, and which do you THINK will happen?

R.J. Anderson:  They should try and sell high on Nady. Selling low on Swisher after acquiring him for peanuts seems pointless.

Graham (iamawesomer):  I think they should hold on to everyone. I've always wondered why a team like the Yankees bench didn't consist of superstars as well, like really Jose Molina is your backup catcher?

Sky Kalkman:  Someone needs to stop sending the RBI-related questions.

Bendix: RBI!

Timmy: Odds of John Smoltz pitching 50+ innings in '09?

Harry Pavlidis:  I'll give Smoltz 20 innings regular arm angle, 20 innings new angle, and 10 some dangling noodle thing

Oh, and in the poll asking "Should we have more polls?", 83% of you voted yes.