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About Those New CBS Sports Fantasy Commissioner Button Ads...

You've probably noticed the new 120x90 button below the first post on the Front Page.  It's an ad for CBS Sports' fantasy baseball commissioner service.  Yes, BtB gets a small kickback if you sign up for a pay league after clicking on the button.  No, I'm not going to push you to use CBS -- while I like them, there are many good options out there.  But if you were planning on using them anyways, we'd appreciate if you went through us (or your favorite SBNation blog) by clicking on that button.

Additionally, the location of that button is a new site-specific advertising option on BtB.  If you are affiliated with a company that could use some advertising on a generally intelligent baseball blog in a pretty prominent location, drop me a line.  There are two other site-specific ad locations available as well, two different sizes in the right sidebar.

Ok, end of sales pitch that hopefully wasn't too sales pitchy.  Yankees rule!