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Mark Worrell - Two Pitches, One Crazy Delivery

Buster Olney had this Mark Worrell video linked today.

You can read more about Mark Worrell from this recent article and this prospect profile from a couple years back from Future Redbirds.  Looking at his PITCHf/x data from Worrell's June 2008 call-up, I can see he eliminated a 3/4 arm slot against lefties mentioned in FR.

Worrell throws a fastball (around 90) and what appears to be a slider (75).  As you can see above, his delivery is very strange, and his flight paths are pretty wild too. 

Worrell throws the ball up upon release, and really keeps the ball up in the zone - he almost never throws the ball down (see the zone plot below).


That fastball tails in on righties very nicely.


Keep an eye on Worrell during Spring Training.  He got knocked around a bit during his cup of coffee, but he certainly is interesting.