2009 CHONE Power Rankings


Sean's updated his projected standings with recent roster changes and also provides a power ranking based on team strength, not projected wins. Top Ten: 1 Yankees 2 Red Sox 3 Rays 4 Indians 5 Tigers 6 Angels 7 Phillies 8 Mets 9 Braves 10 Cubs That's six teams out of ten from the East divisions and six out of ten from the American League. The next five are all from the AL, too, meaning the NL projects to have 4 teams in the top half of MLB. Bottom Ten: 21 Padres 22 Royals 23 Diamondbacks 24 Rangers 25 Rockies 26 Marlins 27 Giants 28 Nationals 29 Pirates 30 Astros Those Diamondbacks and Giants ratings are definitely against the grain. Notice no Mariners here -- they're 14th. Get ready for the talking heads to be completely wrong about Seattle two years in a row.

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