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Three Facts: Cleveland Indians

14 players collected at least 100 plate appearances for the Indians in 2008. 13 had DNA that altered from that of Grady Sizemore. Combined, they accounted for 18.2 wins. Sizemore totaled for 6.8 wins himself. In other words, Grady Sizemore inhales angels and glows pre-game. Sizemore actually wasn't the most valuable player for the Indians in 2008,, instead that honor goes to Cliff Lee. Shocking, I know.

The Indians have a versatile infield. Jhonny Peralta, Asdrubal Cabrera, and Mark DeRosa are fully capable of playing mulitple positions on the infield. Although, for hte sake of defensive well-being, Peralta should shift away from shortstop, leaving Cabrera to fill the void, and DeRosa to take the other open position.

The indians were a better team than they their final record reflected last season. With a few breaks and smooth transitions, it's easy to see this team competing in the division and potentially winning the thing.