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Three Facts: Chicago White Sox

Alexei Ramirez is moving to short. With the limited defensive data we have, it doesn't suggest this will end well. It's possible that Ramirez is better than we think he was last year, or that he simply had a down season, but we'll see. It's hard to read too far into one year of defensive data.

Gordon Beckham had around 60 plate appearances in the minors last year and was pretty impressive offensively, posting a .379 wOBA and 2.8 wRAA. It'll be interesting to see how quickly Beckham can shoot through the system, and how he adjusts to his new, more compact swing.

The major return in trading Javier Vazquez is minor league catcher Tyler Flowers. He probably won't see too much time in the majors - if any - this season, but Flowers has quite the impressive track record offensively, posting wRAAs of 6.9, 17.7, and 34.3, with the former coming in only 150 plate appearances.