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FanShots vs. FanPosts

I'm sure you've noticed the FanPosts and FanShots sections over in the right sidebar.  (If you haven't, uh, I'm not sure what to say.)  These sections allow BtB community members to initiate their own conversations instead of always following our authors' leads.  In case you were wondering what the difference between the two types of posts are, here you go:


FanShots highlight content created elsewhere.  They could be a links to an article, pictures, videos, or quotes.  You can (and I would encourage you to) add your own commentary to explain what you've posted and why it's awesome.  If you've written something cool at your own blog, feel free to post a FanShot about it.


FanPosts are original articles written by BtB community members.  There is a 75-word minimum.  If you have something to say that takes fewer than 75 words, either post it as a comment in a related main page story or flesh out your thoughts into a longer FanPost.

Recommending FanShots and FanPosts

If you think a FanShot or FanPost is particularly interesting, please click the "Rec" button to let other readers know it's a worthwhile post.  If a post receives enough recommendations (currently 3), it will be stickied at the top of the appropriate section.  Please also feel free to recommend FanShots or FanPosts that have resulted in engaging discussion in the comments section.