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Reader Contest: Make Your Own Graph

Update: Now with real prizes!  See below.

Over the past month, BtB's fallen in love with graphs.  Chris designed a great one for historical player value, jhmoore started the binomial craze, and iamawesomer's been filling the FanShots with those made by others.


Now it's your turn.  Show us your best graph.  Share your talents at presenting baseball information of any kind in an intuitive visual format.

To enter, simply post your graph or chart in a comment below.  If you'd like to link to a larger version, feel free.  Entries close Friday night at midnight and the BtB crew will announce the winner on Monday.

Actually, I should say we'll announcer the winners, plural, on Monday, because there's a second category we'll judge: most entertaining graph.  You know, something like this:


What?  You want prizes?  The Hardball Times has graciously donated both a copy of their 2009 Annual (which recaps the 2008 season and contains a forty awesome articles as THT fills the shoes of Bill James' old Abstracts) and their 2009 Season Preview (which, well, contains projections and blurbs for all the significant players and full-length articles all thirty teams).  Our two winners can fight over which book they'll have shipped straight to their front door.