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Three Facts: Oakland Athletics

Offense!  Billy Beane said he wanted to see what Jack Cust do with some "real hitters" around him, so naturally he went out and grabbed Matt Holliday and Jason Giambi. The most interesting development will be how this affects Daric Barton's playing time.

The pen is deep. Joining Brad Ziegler, Joey Devine, Jerry Blevins, and Santiago Casilla are the likes of Russ Springer and Michael Wuertz. Throw in one of their other young arms, maybe Josh Outman, and the bullpen is simply fantastic. Sky will be quick to point out that quality matters more than quantity, and that's true, but they have quality in Devine.

Bobby Crosby's last stand? It'll be interesting to see if the A's can somehow convince the White Sox and MLB to a sign-and-trade for Orlando Cabrera, therefore not giving up their first (or second!) round pick while filling one of their final remaining holes.