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Three Facts: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

And now for something completely different.


The y-axis is the sum of fielding (bUZR) and positional runs. In this case, the longer the bar, the worse the defense. That means, of the Angels five outfielders and their last 25 defensive seasons, only six times did those players manage to finish above zero runs contributed. In the last three years its happened only once.

The Angels also have Reggie Willits, but with five millionaire outfielders and only four spots (including DH) to play them, how much time is Willits going to possibly see? On any given day the Angels could field two players worth an average of -20 runs over the last three seasons and three players between -5 and -8 runs.

The Angels had a better staff ERA (4.00) than FIP (4.12) last season. I wouldn't bet on that repeating.