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Three Facts: Toronto Blue Jays

Travis Snider is going to be fun to watch. He just turned 21 recently, and his career low wOBA in the minors was .366. CHONE is less than optimistic about Snider replicating his .345 wOBA from limited action, and has him at .298 (or -12.2 wRAA) while Marcels is calling him a slightly above league average hitter, based on a small sample size and regression.

The real strength of the Jays positional players involves leather. There's hardly a negative defender amongst their starters and even Vernon Wells should bounce back some.

Speaking of Wells, what an odd two seasons he's had. In 2007, his offense flat-lined to the tune of -14.5 runs while his defense remained above average (albeit only slightly) yet the exact opposite was true in 2008.