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Red Sox Sign Scott Atchison ... Again

After pitching for the Giants in 2007, Scott Atchison became a free agent signed a minor-league deal with the Boston Red Sox. The Sox sold Atchison's contract to the Hanshin Tigers and he pitched the last two seasons in Japan.

The Sox signed Atchison today, this time a one-year deal with two options. Looks like decent middle relief.

Back in 2007, Atchison was throwing his fastball just above 90, with a sluttery slider and a curveball. He also threw two change-ups in his 280 pitches captured by PITCHf/x. With the exception of his four-seamer, Atchison got quite a few ground balls. He also threw a lot of strikes, but didn't miss many bats.

Using NPB's pitch tool (PITCHf/x light), it looks like Atchison is throwing the same stuff at the same speeds. That's a handy tool, showing pitch types and speeds (and a little more detail) for Japanese pro ball.

Not a major signing, but interesting based on their past history together, and the fact that Boston could keep the now 34-year old righty for three years, if they pick-up the options.