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No Pepper

Alex Remington of Big League Stew has been on a bit of a roll lately. First, he began offering a series of primers on important statistics--the most recent entry is on FIP. He also offered up ten noteworthy offensive statistics of the 2000s. For the decade, Barry Bonds' OBP was .517. For the decade.

Rangers owner Tom Hicks was a founding partner of a private equity firm. Is it any surprise that he used leveraged buyouts to finance his sports team purchases? Adam Morris at Lone Star Ball says no. The Rangers could be sold as early as next week.

Colin Wyers proves that paying attention in physics class can be awesome. If you didn't think batted ball classification had anything do with astronomy, then you were dearly mistaken.

Andrew Gelman and Eric Seidman in an e-mail exchange about the "pinch hitter" theory. Seidman underscores what editors and relief pitchers have in common.

Ever wonder what Omar Minaya's eBay account would look like? And don't miss the first comment.

I have a new favorite little league baseball team. I bet that statistics have lessened their enjoyment of the game.