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No Pepper

Pat Andriola compares this year's non-tender class to those of 2007 and 2008. He is of the opinion that this year's is clearly the best. But is that just hindsight talking?

Pizza Cutter quantifies the catcher "mentoring" effect. Dr. Cutter uses hierarchical linear modeling and you may be surprised to learn that none other than Jason Kendall appears on both of his leader boards. However, he counsels that the effect is small.

The SEC has done the unthinkable: added a clock to baseball. Actually, they've added two clocks. A 20 second timer between pitches (with no one on base) and a 90 second timer between half innings. The average SEC game last year was three hours and twenty minutes in length.

MGL takes his aging show on the road over to THT. It's more digestible this way, but if you already read the PDF, I don't think there's much new here.

Patriot on the advantages and disadvantages of using plate appearances as your denominator. If you find this article interesting then you are a bona fide nerd. I mean that as a high compliment.