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Seattle "JackZ" Another Customer, Allegedly Swaps Silva for Bradley

(Note: Aha, see what I did there with the title? Aren't I grand with the humor? Speaking of humor...)

Here's the relevant source regarding what I'm talking about.

I'm going to skip the charade of whipping out the TVC and giving you a nice introduction about Milton Bradley, Carlos Silva, and how Seattle GM Jack Zduriencik has turned around the situation with the Mariners. Instead, I'll say this.

This is a straight-up robbery. There's no reason for such a tragedy to happen. Silva was the largest remaining noose on the Seattle Mariners' collective necks, the sole remaining byproduct from the Dark Ages of Bill Bavasi. Bradley was a positive offensive player (.345 wOBA) in the corners last year. He was a 1 WAR player last year in one of his worst offensive seasons in recent times. Silva struck out 10 batters and walked 11 in 30 innings last season (he also hit three batters). Before that, he was average at best (4.64 FIP for Seattle in 2008, though coupled with a poor defense, it turned into a 6.46 ERA), and horrendous at worst (5.76 FIP in 2006 for Minnesota, when he allowed almost two HR/9).

Silva hasn't pitched well since arriving in Seattle, one of the better pitcher's parks in baseball. He's now moving to Chicago, a hitter's haven in comparison. Bradley is now moving to Seattle, to a fanbase that actually respects his offensive skillset. There is no rumored additional parts to this trade. It's a simple one-for-one, and I think it made everyone outside Seattle cringe a little. I know I did.